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Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate


Invest in a property before the planning stage. Those who will be building these buildings need money and investors to get the building off the ground, by investing (in many cases, purchasing options to purchase) in the units, typically condo units in high demand areas. Before the ground is broken, investors often have the option of investing for pennies on the expected dollar once the building is complete.

They can re-sell the property at full market value once the building is entirely pocketing the difference in the original investment and the asking price. Pre-construction real estate investing may not have the 'name in lights' appeal that other types of investing carry, but it does provide a viable investment style that has the potential to bring in significant profits. When it comes to investing, the name of the game is profits, so keep this in mind when considering your investment options. This is one of the forms of investing that requires (in most cases) the least amount of capital upfront. Read this eBook for full guidance on this type of real estate investment.

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